Our Beer

Brakspear Bitter November 13 – Brakspear Bitter – 3.8%

Having just picked up a huge amount of information from a tour of Corfe Castle Brewery we were keen to see how our new found knowledge would improve our beer.  The answer was not a lot. We’d scaled down the production volume to reflect our kit and the correct brewing process but failed to reduce the ingredients proportionately.  The end result was a beer that could suck the moisture out of your mouth quicker than 3 Jacobs’s crackers.  We’ll chalk that one to experience.

Over Easy October 13 – Over Easy ~ 3.5%

A magical double brew weekend that produced the best beers we have created to date.  Over Easy drew on American trends for a very lightly coloured beer but with intensive Citra hops and a handful of oats to create a floral seriously quaffable session beer.  More body needed for the next incarnation but defiantly one to repeat.

Mozart’s First October 13 – Mozart’s First ~4.5%

The second successful brew from the same weekend.  Intended to be a more traditional bitter with full body and strong hop intensity this one became a firm favourite and again another one to repeat.  The name was derived from the addition of Vienna Malt.

 Strong Man September 13 – Strongman ~5.8%

This turned out to be a very sweet wort due to the large grain bill causing the mash tun to overflow somewhat.

It was brewed to be a Winter warmer and delivers this in spades. So much so that only a little is required at a time.  Whilst some of that is associated with the strength, unfortunately not all.  Probably not a recipe that will be repeated in its current incarnation.

 Sevenoaks Gold2 August 13 – Sevenoaks Gold 5%

Our second attempt at this lovely golden ale.  The process worked perfectly, and we successfully made our first drinkable beer.  A beautiful golden colour although slightly lacking in hoppy aftertaste so we are dry hopping with a handful of Goldings to give something extra.

 Landlords Sting July 13 – Landlords Sting – 3.6%

Tim Taylors is a great brewery and Landlord is one of their classics.  Thanks to Graham Wheeler we had the recipe and consequently this became our second brew day target.  Learning from many of the minor mistakes we made during our first batch we refined our process and were feeling pleased as the brew day was coming to a close.  However, one note to any budding brewers out there, always cover your yeast pitch or you may find an unwanted addition.  In our case a wasp.  Thankfully it did not seem to have a significant impact on the beer as we had managed to brew an OK pint and created a good name in the process.  It did have a bit of an odd after taste though…!

 Sevenoaks Gold June 13 – Sevenoaks gold ~4.8%

Who doesn’t like a decent golden ale?  I first had Exmoor Gold while visiting some mates in the south west and after a decent walk stopped off in a local pub for grub and a lazy boozy afternoon.  Exmoor Gold has stayed one of my favourite beers since that day, partly I suspect for the taste but also for the memories of a great afternoon.  It seemed a fitting beer to start our brewing adventure.  It was obviously the first outing of the homemade brew kit.  The process worked perfectly until we casually threw in the loose hops into the kettle which subsequently stuck to the filter.  This meant that the Styrian hops staying in for far too long resulting in a very hoppy beer, which was completely undrinkable.