Brew day

After months of anticipation, weeks of set up and an evening of last minute adaptations, the wait was over, brew day with the new kit was here…

Clearly it would be sensible to get used to the new kit by doing a half batch, after all if it all went belly up we’d have only wasted half the ingredients. Common sense however went out of the window in the excitement and we pushed on for 100 pints!

We went for a hoppy golden IPA style using Wyeasts American Ale II with 90% pale malt and 10% light crystal. Goldings and Challenger formed the bittering hops with Citra providing the aroma.

All in all, things went well, although we hadn’t anticipated the need to calibrate the miriad of temperature gauges we now have. This resulted in our strike temperature being a few degrees lower than desired which we tried to correct by adding more water from the HLT. Next time we hope to have the RIMS up and running which would have allowed us to adjust this.

Everything else performed flawlessly and we currently have about 55l fermenting away. Original gravity (O.G.) is about 1.051, which, depending on how far we get down to, should give us a nice golden 5%. Roll on the summer weather…

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