The Burco Boiler

This is a bit of a retrospective on our first kit after a few mates said we should show our humble beginnings. It’s fair to say we started on the cheap.

Our boiler (which was also our copper) consisted of a 20 year old Burco Boiler that we picked up from ebay for £15. For those that don’t know what a Burco Boiler is, think old school scout tea urn.

The boiler had integrated elements so the only real adaption was the installation of a tap as low down as possible.  The mash tun was a trusty cool box which was one of the only things purchased new, although at a fraction over £20 is hardly broke the bank. The filter was a work of art, consisting of brightly polished copper piping with numerous cuts to allow the wort through. A slightly heath robinson sparge arm and actually quite efficient hop filter for the copper finished the compliment of kit.  Total cost about £65.

Did it work?  Mostly, although its fair to say it had its issues.  The main one being our desire to create as near to 25l batches as possible, which when the boiler volume was only a fraction over this, resulted in some rather spectacular boil overs! Good beer was however made, leading to our desire to head onto bigger and shinier things…

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